This page represents a particular annoyance Brandon and I had with this project. And since you’ve come to this site to read the comic, I can only assume that you’re interested in my opinion on the matter. *ahem* As I stated earlier, this was originally done as a submission to Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition. In the rules, Tokyopop stated that we weren’t allowed to have any dismemberment. The script calls for him losing his right foot from about the shin down, because, you know, A HEAVY EXPLOSIVE JUST WENT OFF NEXT TO IT. Anyway, we tried to get in touch with someone at TP who could clarify exactly what they meant (i.e. could we just not show it, could it be done off-screen, etc) and we never got anything. So, to be on the safe side, we decided to make the explosion leave Max’s leg all extra-crispy and probably covered in third degree burns. ‘Cuz, you know–that’s much more family friendly.