Name: Serge Inverse

Occupation: Mercenary

First Appearance: Fracture (Issue #1)

A highly trained and exceedingly confident gunslinger, Serge has spent his entire adult life shooting things for money.  Where exactly his skillset comes from is a mystery, but his employers are more than happy to not ask questions.


Name: Edgar Hornsby

Occupation: Wayward Cross Elite Operative

First appearance: Clash (Issue #3)

Adopted by the Wayward Cross Adventurer’s Guild at the age of 5, Edgar took to swordplay instantly, and was considered skillful enough to go on solo missions by 15.  He is currently the guild’s most prized operative, and serves as a massive morale boost to younger members.


 Name: Raziel Re’del

Occupation: Wayward Cross Junior Operative

First Appearance: Clash (Issue #3)

A young operative trained to be quite deadly with his twin short swords, Raziel (“Raz” to his friends) would quickly climb up the Wayward Cross ranks if he could simply learn better impulse control.  As it stands, this seems unlikely.


 Name: Nitrous Blight

Occupation: Personal Assistant to Asuka Kodate

First Appearance: Noise (Issue #4)

An immigrant from the little known plane of Khikos, Nitrous possesses psychic abilities that allow him to read minds, telekinetically move objects, and create walls of psychic force.  Since most people in Interplanes can’t cloud their thoughts, Nitrous has turned to drinking to dull the noise.


Name: Akira Yukiro

Occupation: Wayward Cross Junior Operative

First Appearance: Best Laid Plans (Issue #5)

Born into the Wayward Cross, Akira has been trained as an effective sniper.  However, he considers his primary strength to be his tactical thinking.  He hopes to work his way up the ranks and eventually become the Armsmaster of the guild.


 Name: Shugo-Jin Ryu

Occupation: Wayward Cross Junior Operative

First Appearance: Best Laid Plans (Issue #5)

Jin is an interplanar that was adopted by the Cross at the age of 6, and has been trained in martial arts his entire life.  He has a great deal of skill in fighting, but he prefers to take a stealthy approach, keeping to the shadows and waiting for the right moment to strike.


 Name: Jack Hawkin

Occupation: Wayward Cross Junior Operative

First Appearance: Best Laid Plans (Issue #5)

The youngest member of Akira’s team in the Wayward Cross, Jack has a talent with magic far beyond his years.  He resents not being taken as seriously because he’s so young, but this happens less and less as he learns to create bigger and bigger fireballs.


 Name: Asuka Kodate

Occupation: CEO of Kodate Corporation

First Appearance: Merger (Issue #7)

Heiress of the vast Kodate zaibatsu, Asuka is an interplanar who finds herself constantly having to prove herself to others in the corporate world due to her relatively young age and gender.  However, her business sense and cutthroat attitude has kept her on top for several years.