I love it when Meek gets all animated like this.

I just recently picked up DJ Max Technicka Tune for my Vita, and I have to say, as a rhythm game junkie, I’m kind of hooked.  The gameplay uses a touchscreen in a style similar to the DS’s Elite Beat Agents (there’s circles on the screen, touch them when prompted in time with the song, new circles pop up as the song progresses), and while it doesn’t have the narrative charm of that game (DJ Max is just music videos, EBA sort of had a story about…time-traveling male cheerleaders, or something?), it makes up for that by getting a lot more complicated in its patterns.  Obviously, there are charts that are designed to let a player work their way up in difficulty, but it eventually advances to stuff like this.  While I really enjoy it, that video makes me think that the game may be better suited to something with a larger touchscreen, like the iPad–I’ve seen the arcade version of it at a few conventions, and if I’m not mistaken, the Vita’s screen is less than a quarter of the size of the screen that’s used there, which means your hands can very easily get in the way of seeing what’s coming up next.  Anyway, if you’re into the genre and you haven’t seen it before, I’d recommend this–it’s really hard for me to put down, which is a solid indication of a good game.