All right, new story! I hope you guys like it.

I got the chance to attend Ohayocon this weekend (just as a congoer, I didn’t get a table in the artist’s alley–but that’ll come before long, I assure you), and the Franklins and I were able to talk to some really cool people about our work, getting interesting insight and great compliments about what we’re doing with this series. If any of the people we talked to happened to actually follow through and check out the site, I just want to say thanks again for your time and all the kind words.

Back to site business, we’ve been at this for a while now, and over the time that we’ve been working, we’ve managed to build up a pretty substantial backlog of pages that are pretty much ready to be published. Considering that, we’ve decided to start posting a new page every Monday and Friday. Perhaps now we’ll be able to really get moving on the plot here!