Moss and his bedhead aren’t about to let Meek go into another meeting with Joseph alone.

Played another cool rhythm game on Steam recently called Sequence.  It plays a bit like Harmonix’s Frequency (or, more recently Rock Band Blitz)–there are multiple tracks that all have DDR-style arrows falling that you’re supposed to hit as they cross a line at the bottom.  One track defends you from being damaged by the enemy, one track restores your MP, and one track casts spells that you queue up to attack your enemy.  As the game goes on, more and more arrows are falling, and it very quickly becomes impossible to hit all of the arrows that are coming down, so you have to start prioritizing which track is going to help the most at a given time, or when to use a spell so that you don’t take a big hit while you’re casting it.  The story behind it is really simple, but the two main characters have some fun banter, and the bosses through the game have interesting personality quirks that are pretty amusing (without overstaying their welcome and becoming insufferable).  It’s just five bucks on Steam right now, and if you’re into rhythm games as a genre, I’d say it’s worth your time.